Oct 28


There has been months of radio silence due to having a wedding to plan. This weekend as the festivities came to an end our flowers didn’t and we enjoyed a cottage full of them. 

Thanks to my mum for taking the time to sort them and to the Nunhead florist W. Daffin who did such a good job we can still enjoy their beauty a week on 

This was how they looked on the day

The day after! 

And how we’ve enjoyed seeing them up to eight days later 

Aug 12

Don’t get hung up

Got a lovely new interiors book called Creative Walls - it advocates leaning pictures and art rather than hanging them on walls. Suits me as a lazy alternative to drilling.. 

Love both these examples of some leaning art

My attempt at some leaning art.. 

The book also advocates collages-mood/inspirational boards like the one below

One I have on the go.. 

Jun 04

Garden blooms

Garden blooms

Stuff your junk in here and make it look nicer

Stuff your junk in here and make it look nicer

May 25

Our first Peonies of the season! 

Our first Peonies of the season! 

May 18


May 15

Love this as an alternative to pining things on the fridge

Love this as an alternative to pining things on the fridge

(A lot of) Rain & (a little) shine

This weekend we spent hours on gardening (a hobbie with hidden benefits - an hour of it burns around 300 calories according to myfitness pal )

When we moved into the cottage we had a beautiful garden and we vowed we would keep it that way. Well, it only took us nearly a year to get round to it. 

Here is the view from our sun room

Hopefully once (and if) the rain stops we can make up for lost time 

On the wish list - lots of terracotta pots

This beautiful pot holder

A nice vintage watering can

A hanging basket full of pansies is helping what was the very messy situation of the front garden to look a little tidier

Along with these Hydrangeas

We’ve tried to keep mostly to a red, white and blue colour scheme. Tis the Jubilee afterall.. 

And we’ve an old champagne box we’ve planted broad beans in - hopefully it’ll look something like this. 

Some blueberries, strawberries, oregano and basil in the sun room…

Perhaps most importantly we’ve planted a Sauvignon grape vine, big hopes for that one 

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